A Boutique Yoga Studio & Massage Therapy center  

“Yoga is the golden key that unlocks the door to peace, tranquility and joy.” - BKS Iyengar


Our mission is to be here for you. To hold a safe place for you to come practice yoga, learn mindfulness and fulfill your goals on the path of well being.

Our studio is small, inviting, cheerful and stress free. We are focused on building sancturary within and coaching that support for you. This is a ideal space for creativuity, innovation and intuitive knowing. Our education and experience teaches and mentors how being in the present moment and the benefits of resting in awareness leads to a sense of well being, reduces stress and generates happiness.

We are motivated by the enthusiasm from our students to learn and dedication to teach the empowering and healing  effects of yoga through a mind body connection and balance.  We understand and believe that for every person, and for all stages in a person’s life, there is a style of yoga that works best for you.  

Our warm staff and beautiful studio provide a supportive, encouraging and relaxing sanctuary and environment that makes it easy to start your yoga practice with us -- or deepen an existing one     

New to Yoga? Our teachers and staff are here to help you.

❁ Teachers ❁

Michele Vrentas LMT, RYT is the owner of Lift Easton. She was inspired to open her studio to create a sanctuary for herself and for others to come and expreses their desire to connect mind body and breath. She  has been working with people privately and in groups for many years. She came to yoga in the late 70s in Los Angeles where she studied with Ganga White, and many other brilliant minded people making a conscious change towards our approach living on this planet together. She got her teacher trainings in the Iyengar style of yoga. She moved to Texas where her practice took favor to more outdoor activities and

dance. In Austin she became a licensed massage therapist and maintained her own practice there for 15 years. She has a large tool belt of modalities and studies. She has traveled extensively to southeast asia

in her trainings.

She re-entered the Yoga world in 2009 and went back to Ganga White at White Lotus in Santa Barbara where she was certified to teach. Continuing to study and to bring her background of body work and body awareness into her classes makes the classes unique challenging a fun. She teaches primarily a flow class with props, focusing on Pranayama and of course always openings.  Another notable teacher is Dr Richard Miller from iRest a class that we have on Fridays. Come experience her classes

Ron Minnich, long time student of Iyenger Yoga, is a master at teaching alignment and the fundamentals of yoga. He is a really good teacher. His background was teaching special needs and he found that as some of us do that our careers and lifestyles are taxing to our joints. He understands how to work with injury, hip and o knee replacements, and uses props to help you along, Ron has been teaching at Lift Easton for 3 years and is instrumental in helping you with your journey whether a beginner or an advanced yogi.

Hayley Weichler, RYT-200, Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Instructor Hayley came to yoga many years ago with the intention of keeping the body healthy, while enjoying a calm, relaxing atmosphere.  It was not until after attending a few classes she realized the mind, body, breath, spirit must all connect in order to be healthy, and yoga brought all of those components together.  In 2014 she embarked on the path of teacher training, receiving her 200 hour Raja Yoga Alliance certification in June 2015.  Hayley began teaching immediately after in the Lehigh Valley, and found her heart fulfilled with each class.  In October 2015, Hayley and her husband, Josh, found out they would be bringing a little yogi into the world.  Throughout the months, her focus became directed towards Prenatal yoga, expanding the mind, body, breath, spirit connection to include baby.  With so many unknowns and questions regarding pregnancy, and what was to come, it was important to Hayley to provide a safe, comforting, supportive community to other mothers-to-be, as she was in need of the same.  On Mother’s Day 2016, their family grew with the birth of their daughter.

Hayley is also a Level 4 Reiki Practitioner and is currently receiving her certification to become a trained Birth Doula.  She incorporates her studies into class to enhance the empowerment, support, and education she feels each expecting mother should have available.  The class also includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual preparations to mom and baby for labor and delivery, and comfort to pregnancy ailments.  She opens the class up once a month to invite partners to join the mothers, providing an extra outlet for partners to take part in preparation, learning how to assist in postures, various breathing exercises, relaxations, and mediation.  Her class is also open to mother’s healing from the birth of their baby during their postnatal time.

The gratitude and fulfillment yoga has brought to Hayley, as she describes, cannot be put into words, but through movements, vibrations, and each inhale and exhale.  Whether you are just beginning or shifting your practice to include your womb baby, Hayley hopes to guide and assist you through your transition or revisit to motherhood.

Hayley is also available to facilitate a Mother’s Blessing Ceremony.  Please contact her at hayley.weichler@gmail.com for more information or interest.

Tom Albani,  In 2016, Tom completed the 200 hour Ashaya Yoga teacher training by Silver Kim, then in 2017 re-certified thru the founder of Ashaya Yoga, Todd Norian.  In regards to ongoing training, Tom also has 17 credit hours towards teaching kids yoga, as taught by Ann Robideaux.

I feel like we are all travelers on a journey, hitchhikers on the winds of change. My change began, well, this year, Christmas Eve, (2017) it will be (6) six years ago.  I got diagnosed with a terminal illness and with all the broken bones that came along, with the diagnoses of Multiple Myeloma,  I would've never imagined that I'd still be alive today, helping others find healing, vitality, and joy in their journeys! GOD Is Amazing!!! ( what a divine sense of humour that ONE has)  Today, I am chemo and cancer free and yoga, as well as the Teacher Training that I got at Kula Heart, has taught me that there is a divine benevolence to life, and once u realize that life happens 'for' u, and not 'to' u, then, the faith-filled, limitless possibilities, within our individual journeys, present themselves. ....At one time my entire purpose was to live. Now, I Live With Purpose.

Anglela Smith, Angela has been successfully teaching Pilates mat class, aerobics, stability ball and dance since 2007 and is excited to bring a new fitness class to Lift Easton. Angela's workouts are set to upbeat music and at a cardio pace. She brings to you her own unique style which, she has developed over the past 8 years of choreographing, standing and floor aerobics and mat routines. All of her routines involve lots of stretching and emphasis on alignment. She has a warm friendly inviting way of coaching you toward your goals

Danny Marshall, trained with Max Strom, and has been teaching for 6 years. He is passionate and loyal to his own practice and a dedicated teacher of Yoga. His kind gentle manner of teaching is comforting, encouraging and open.  He is an excellent beginner teacher as well as a restorative  yoga instructor.

Lift will get you to where you want to be -- living a more vital and enriched life.


Michele Vrentas RYT, LMT


Ron Minnich RYT


Angela Smith

Hayley Weichler


Tom Albani