“Yoga is the golden key that unlocks the door to peace, tranquility and joy.” - BKS Iyengar

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Lift Easton Studio is a boutique studio that affords small classes to help personalize your yoga journey. The practice of Yoga is firmly rooted in the belief that real transformation comes from a consistent practice over time. From our own practices of mindfulness, we are aware of the importance of a safe nurturing space where you can find joy, have fun and become a good yogi.

Our mission is a commitment to be supportive by inspiring you to develop a lifelong yoga practice and to experience the transformational shifts that a Yoga lifestyle offers.  We invite you to be a part of our inclusive community. Lift Easton Studio is the space where you can connecting to the direct experience of wellbeing. .

Our Door is open.

You just have to Arrive and Walk through.

Michele Vrentas LMT, RYT-200

Lift Easton Studio for Yoga and Massage is a center with the intention to provide a safe nurturing environment for all people to connect with their true nature and felt sense of whole health, the radiance of aliveness. We invite you to  come practice, to learn and reap the benefits from the disciplines of yoga, meditation and the therapeutic touch of body work. My mission is to make this a better world by showing up and passing on the knowledge of the disciplines of yoga and  the benefits therapeutic massage therapy.  The Studio turns 9 years old next year! I am truly humbled by the community of students, my  teachers, and the transformations I have experienced through this dedicated yoga practice and managing Lift Easton Studio.

My classes are designed to build strength, increase flexibility, to integrate breathing techniques, experience the benefits of Yoga Nidra, and Restorative Yoga. I motivate one to experience the depths of yoga practice on and of the yoga mat. Classes are generally Hatha Yoga also know as Vinyasa. This means moving from posture to posture by following our breath. We also spend time slowing down to learn to properly align so we can stay upright in the face of gravity.  Lift Easton Studio is the place where community is established for people to come  practice, to open up, to meditate and to have fun.

I am truly grateful for the many master teachers who gave me the knowledge from their experiences and wisdom to pursue my dream. I've studied with Ganga White, Dr Richard Miller, Angela Farmer Cindi Lee, Max Strom and many other including the Himalayan Institute where I am pursuing my 500hr training. My massage training has been ongoing and updated for 20years. I work not only therapeutically but also with the intuition in my hands to heal.

Tom Albani, RYT-200

In 2016, I completed the 200 hour Ashaya Yoga teacher training with by Kim Silver, then in 2017 re-certified thru the founder of Ashaya Yoga, Todd Norian. On going training with 17 hour credits with Ann Robideax towards teaching kids.

I feel like we are all travelers on a journey, hitchhikers on the wind of change. My change began in Christmas Eve 2017. Six years earlier I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and had multiple broken bones that come along with the diagnoses of Multiple Myeloma. I was cancer free. I would've have never imagined that I would still be alive today, helping others find healing, and joy in their journeys! God is Amazing!!!(what a divine sense of humor that One has.

Today chemo free and cancer free and yoga, as well as the teacher training I received from Kula Heart has taught me that there is a divine benevolence to life and once u realize that life happens "for" u. Then the faith-filled limitless possibilities within our  individual  journeys, present themselves. At one time my entire purpose was to live. No I live with purpose.  Contact illuminated@rcn.com

Mark Orsulak, LMT

Mark Orsulak LMT brings a decade of massage to Lift Easton. A mixed modality specialist, effortlessly blending structural integration, science, intuition and artistry. Mark’s tools range from the more technical facets of massage, (which target athletic care/ maintenance/ recovery) to the more relaxing elements (which engage biorhythms and energy). -Balance-Serenity-Rejuvenation-

Kailynn Shockency, LMT

As a new LMT I strive to make a change in the vast world one person at a time, through the use of various massage techniques including Swedish, Deep tissue, rocking, kneading, muscle energy, vibration and cupping, to aid in reducing my massage clients pain and stress. Let’s get you realigned and ready for your next level up through my touch of grace given by universal source.

License # MSG013544