About DKN Whole Body Vibration Technology

Now for the Science!  

Muscular Strength increases in two ways.

* Neurological Adaptatio  * Muscular Adaptation and Hypertrophy

Muscular adaptations occur through an increase in the cross sectional area of muscle fibers improving the contraction properties of muscle tissue leading to a maximal contraction that provides more force and power.

Muscle hypertrophy (Muscle hypertrophy involves an increase in size of skeletal muscle through an increase in the size of its component cells) usually begins after 4 to 6 weeks of training.

Vibration training accelerates strength through Neurological adaptation, which means that strength will increase through improvements of the quality of muscle contractions. For an untrained individual there is a definite lack of control in muscle fibers. MRI's have shown that the whole muscle is not used during a maximal contraction during exertion. Whole Body Vibration there is nearly 100% Recruitment of muscle fibers therefore allowing an accelerated improvement in initial strength



10 Sessions $225 per person  $250 for buddy system.

20 Sessions $400 per person  $425 for buddy system.

Special Rate for Unlimited  Monthly Yoga Students, 10 sessions $200.

Please call to make an appointment 484 548 4840

or lifteaston@gmail.com.