Our mission is to be here for you and empower you with the strengthening tools of yoga. From our own practices of mindfulness, we are aware of the importance of a safe nurturing space where you can find joy on your yoga journey and invite you to be a part of our inclusive community. We created a space where each person finds a sense of belonging with all our members.

We are a dedicated and passionate group of yoga instructors and we are here to support you and your yoga practice. Yoga is for everyone, no matter your age, size, injury, or condition we modify are classes and postures to encourage you to develope a deeper awareness of self, and the principles of yoga.

“Yoga is the golden key that unlocks

the door to peace, tranquility and joy.” - BKS Iyengar


Our Door is open.


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Michele Vrentas LMT, RYT-200

I created and opened Lift Easton Studio with the intention to bring the understanding and practice of yoga to everyone.

My motivation for opening this yoga study comes from my dream for people to co-exist through kindness and less stress in life. I have  a passion for movement, a love of meditation and mindfulness and the privilege of touching through Bodywork. I am truly grateful for the many master teachers who gave me the knowledge from their experiences and wisdom to pursue my dream.  I received my 200 hr. yoga training from White Lotus Foundation. My first teacher trainings were also with Ganga White in the 70's.  

My 35 year career as a commercial artist contributed to the insight and creative collaboration for the design of this unique yoga studio. With trust in my intuition, and my deep rooted heartfelt desire, I knew six years ago I was going to build an authentic successful sanctuary for myself and others to come together to breathe, move and grow through the awarenss of mindfulness to our true nature.

I invite you to come defy aging.  contact: Lifteaston@gmail.com

Hayley Weichler, RYT-200, Reiki Master

Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Instructor Hayley came to yoga many years ago with the intention of keeping her body healthy, while enjoying a calm, relaxing environment. It was not until after attending a few classes that she realized

the mind, body, breath, and spirit much all connect inorder to be healthy. Yoga brought all those components together for her.

In 2014 she embarked on the path of teacher training, receiving her 200 hour Raja Yoga alliance certification in June 2015.

Becoming a mom re-directed her focus toward Prenatal Yoga, expanding mind, body, breath and spirit connection to include baby. Her knowledge and comfort with working with women, led her to become a doula, and she now has Compassionate Beginnings a doula and birth services. www.doulanpa.com

contact hayley.weichler@gmail.com

Tom Albani, RYT-200

In 2016, I completed the 200 hour Ashaya Yoga teacher training with by Kim Silver, then in 2017 re-certified thru the founder of Ashaya Yoga, Todd Norian. On going training with 17 hour credits with Ann Robideax towards teaching kids.

I feel like we are all travelers on a journey, hitchhikers on the wind of change. My change began in Christmas Eve 2017. Six years earlier I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and had multiple broken bones that come along with the diagnoses of Multiple Myeloma. I was cancer free. I would've have never imagined that I would still be alive today, helping others find healing, and joy in their journeys! God is Amazing!!!(what a divine sense of humor that One has.

Today chemo free and cancer free and yoga, as well as the teacher training I received from Kula Heart has taught me that there is a divine benevolence to life and once u realize that life happens "for" u. Then the faith-filled limitless possibilities within our  individual  journeys, present themselves. At one time my entire purpose was to live. No I live with purpose.  Contact illuminated@rcn.com

Molly Watson, RYT-200

I began my journey with yoga years ago. As a busy mom of two little girls, yoga twice a week was a chance to recharge my battery. As a Reiki practitioner and teacher, Molly easily resonated with the spiritual side of yoga but continued to have substantial body pain. After relocating to New Zealand in early 2015, I found Grassroots Yoga which became both a sanctuary and a learning lab for me. Little did I know the impact the studio and its's community would have on her life.

Six months into my practice I noticed that my back pain had virtually disappeared, The Alignment based teaching really resonated with me and my body. I took a leap and signed up for the 100 hour Yoga Immersion as a chance to dive deeper into the practice. I have been a teacher all my life and decided I wanted to share this gift with others. I completed the 200 YRT teacher training with Katie Lane in 2016 and in one on one mentoring program with Katie in 2017.

Teaching yoga is a constant process of growth and inquiry. Molly's classes offer an alignment and breath-based practice and also an inviting and safe pace for creating connection. Molly believes yoga is for Every body.

contact: mwatson@gmail.com

Ron Minnich, RYT-200

I am a  long time student of BKS Iyengar Yoga. I am dedicated to teaching proper yoga alignment, and the fundamentals of yoga.

My background is teaching special needs students and found that as some of do that our careers and lifestyles are taxing to our joints. I learned how to work with injury, hip and knee replacements do to my own experience with having both surgeries. With the use of props anyone can do yoga. I believe if we can allow ourselves to be consistant with our practice we can manage pain.

I work with people at all levels and stages with their yoga practice and specialize in private sessions.

contact: yogaronmin@gmail.com

Angela Smith

I have been successfully teaching Pilates mat classes, aerobics, and stability ball and dance since 2007.

My workouts are upbeat adn fun yet challenging with a mix of strength, balance and core workouts. I combine a stretching, toning and strengthening to a variety of music that keeps you smiling and inspired to move.

Lara Struckman

Lara Struckman is a lover of change and new beginnings. She is a creative and dynamic yoga teacher of 2 years who loves her practice to be moving meditation and incorporates emotional, mental, and physical components to her classes. She is driven to give others tools to improve their own lives and creat greater wellbeing for themselves. She does this through teaching yoga, meditation, and other forms of lifestyle medicine through her work with the Kellyn Foundation.  She is increasingly passionate about women’s work including leading and creating Red Tent Temples as well as promoting the importance of sexual and spiritual health.

She dreams of a better world in which all people can eat ice cream and be kind to the planet and each other.