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Dear Friends and Namaste

We have entered the green phase.

We would love to see you back as soon as possible and  we have strong guidelines to follow.

Adhering to the CDC, the city and state these guidelines are about social distancing, and wearing your masks.

We have taken measurements and the studio can safely hold 6 students with proper distancing. As you enter the studio we ask that you wear a mask/face covering and bring your own yoga mat. We will not be using the studio props, such as blankets and blocks so this will be up to you to bring what you need. Once you are on your yoga mat you may remove your mask if you choose.

With joy our first instudio class begins July 6th and July 8th at 5:30 pm with Tom Albani.

All other classes on schedule at this point will remain Zoom classes until further notice.

WE are very excited and happy that you will be able to find your peace and happiness with the studio.

Since we have limited space all classes will require pre-registration is important and we are asking to pre pay to reserve you spot. You may register by emailing You may sign in through mindbody :

a donation of minimum $10.00 drop paid through PayPal or Venmo. Please contact me if you need to pay in another way.

Paypal   https://paypal.USme/JVrentas?locale.x=en_